Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Turbocharged mini cooper s or supercharged cooper s

Told by dealer that supercharger just bolts on to Mini Cooper Tuning engine. Dealer recomended turbocharged cooper s vs supercharged cooper s (if u are interested in cooper s )but think its a personal preference really. However as u probably know petrol consumption is alot lower on coooper s.

I test drove cooper vs cooper s and the turbo coopers s wins hands down.. worth the extra dosh.. just bought an 07 used one. You don't get the whine from the supercharger and the turbos more refined.

Also iv came across a few superchargers off a cooper s and do you want to know if they jst bolt onto a normal cooper engine or what would i need aswell as the charger?

Well, for this setup You'd also need:

Intercooler, manifold, injectors, ECU, exhaust, gearbox and probably a new clutch. I wouldn't bother! I have only had two MINIS, both Cooper S's with the Getrag gearbox but I believe a weak point on the Ones an Coopers is the Midland gearbox.

Remember In the long run it will be cheaper to buy a MCS rather than do the conversion on a MC

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