Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mini Works Configurator

Mini Works Configurator

Some Kid went to BMW dealer the other day, and was given a Mini Configurator CD and Mini Works Configurator CD - This soft allows you to choose the spec of your Mini, and see the changes on screen etc.

The kid was pretty generous and shares the soft, All you need to do is follow the link.

JCW Mini Configurator

Mini Cooper Tuning

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mini Cooper Tuning Aero Side Skirts

Mini Cooper Tuning Aero Side Skirts

Just new to this, Was wondering if you know where the best place to get aero side skirts for a 2001 mini cooper, Iv been looking at past threads but there from round 2006 so was hoping the price had went down a bit? Was recently trying to get a cooper s but couldnt get insurance on it , So decided to keepmy cooper but spice it up abit, trying to get it looking Good and get a lil more power outa her!

I would say get a copy of modern MINI magazine as I think mini spares are still doing a special offer on the complete kit for around the £700 mark - they might do just the sills a bit cheaper too

Mini Cooper Tuning Racer Commercial!

I thought I should list some quite funny commercials! hope you like it!
Mini Cooper Tuning

Proper Way to Wash you Mini Cooper

I would normally wash the car twice a week, maybe more on the weekends.

I normally just use a bucket of warm water with soap and a new sponge (dont kill me for that) on the whole car. Then if their is any bits of tar or ground in dirt I would leave some tar/bug remover on it for a while and clean little bits that way.

For the wheels i actually have a proper wheel brush and use soapy water. Then after wax the car wheels and use blackener on the wheels. (not every wash, but once every two weeks Mini Cooper Tuning)

This is effective for me but there are other methods for acheiving higher results!

I am going to use clay over summer and wax properly but atm there is no point as it gets dirty in a matter of days.

Mini Cooper Body Kits

Here are some great body kits that I have found across the who Big Internet.

This is the coolest body kit i have seen so far for Mini Cooper Tuning! I defently want that for my Ride! Do you?

It looks haven't won me over either but I shall no doubt still get the new MCS Convertible when it comes out and at least enjoy the new fuel economy!

Mine will be three years old by 2009 and I'd worry about the dodgy look out of warranty.

Avoid The Car accident at any cost or who knows what!

There is something you should know about Car accidents. The true story!Some careless swine in a Corsa had my friends car rear-ended. Looking back at it now she realises that the driver and passenger swapped places before giving details but she was on her own and pretty upset by it all. She only bought her car last week. Getting details was no problem except that the details were all false and the registration plates were from a Fiat. This was a stolen car.
So if you have an accident, take the keys out the car first and check who is driving, check the number plate ties in with the road tax. If it doesn't or is out of date phone the police.
Needless to say she will have to pay the first so many hundred quid as the police say there is practically no chance of catching these Rsoles.

It happens all to often, It happened to my other ½, she said that at the time the third party seemed to be acting a little strange (looking back now possibly under the influence of something) but my other ½ put it down to the accident.

1st the third party tried to say it was the other ½s fault for stopping too quick , 2nd it turned out that the third party wasn't insured properly , 3rd after having their vehicle fixed obviously not by the insurance, the third party then tried and denied that there was ever an accident at all (despite pics of the damaged cars etc... etc...).

One of the best things that you can do is have a disposable camera (or a cheap digital camera) in the glove-box (easy to say if you have one (glove-box) ) just in-case you ever have an accident .

Easy in this day and age with phone cameras etc... etc..Mini Cooper Tuning. .

Once you've had an accident, If you're capable to do so take pics of the cars, the scene, all damage, reg plates, and more importantly the people involved (mainly the drivers), If they have nothing to hide they shouldn't mind, if you're not capable then the police should be on their way .

Phone the police if necessary, but the police don't normally come out if it's a damage only incident and the cars can be moved they normally tell you to swap details etc... etc... For the police to come out there has to be someone injured, a blockage of a road (immovable vehicles), suspect under the influence (someone acting strange or smelling if alcohol), so maybe you smelt alcohol at the time (you could've been mistaken, don't deliberately lie as that could effect you later on ).

Meanwhile scumbags like this in knackered crapheaps will of course completely evade any of the above as they won't ever get the ticket.

That is actually getting harder and harder for them to do (get away with it), due to ANPR (automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems etc... etc... I know it won't stop it all completely but it's actually preventing a lot of it, helping in the capture after the event with evidence etc... etc... and it's getting more widespread, we now have the cameras on most main roads in our area (every time you look there seems to be a new one) and the police are using it more and more effectively. The previous and following highlighted comments are just in general, it won't stop every incident and it may not have helped in this case, it's just the way things are going , it's just my opinion and I'm sorry if it's gone of subject a little .

The only problem with the cameras is it will get like the film "Demolition Man (1993)" and do we really want that , eventually the system will be used against the general public ie, congestion charges, parking violations, road traffic violations etc... etc.. (there is no end of possibilities). This is just another general comment and only MO (My Opinion).
Hope it gets sorted out for your sis in the end, it's hppened to me and the other ½ a couple of times now (1 each) and it can take years to sort out properly.

Who is picking up a new MINI - March 2008

So come on then, ive read a few around the forum, but there must be a few more now
Who will be picking up their new MINI on March 1st??
Anyone getting theirs delivered the day before on a truck or trade plates?
I will be collecting my new Cooper D (its been a long wait since I ordered it on Sept 15th!!)

here's what I've spec'ed....

Astro Black (with black roof)
JCW Aerodynamic Kit [Dealer Fitted]
Piano Black Interior
CHILLI Pack that includes:
Bi-Xenon Lights
Floor Mats
Manual Aircon
Fog Lights
On-Board Computer
Leather Steering Wheel
17" Crown Spoke Alloys
then the rest......
Visibility Pack
Darkened Rear Glass
HiFi Speaker System
Dynamic Stability Control
Chrome Lined Interior

I am planning on ordering the JCW Carbon Spoiler as a seperate item not to go on my finance deal as I personally think that it's the dogs-nads! I may also swap the Crown alloys in Part Ex. for the top of the range R109 10 Spoke JCW Light alloys that are just over £2,000! Definately worth those IMO to go on with the Mini Cooper Tuning JCW Aero kit.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How to price a 'special' mini cooper

So we ALL think our mini's are special and indeed I'd agree 300%. However, when you do have a mini that most would say 'yep thats um different', how do you put a price on it. I mean I know you can't just tot up all the add-ons, but IS there a formulae?

for example you need to sell your mini and have put it up for a high price cos reallly deep down you are very very very distraught to be selling it, but your head says you should, any ideas what it should go for you got offered 16k at a dealership (but they want to strip it back to basics and you want an enthusiast to keep it roughly the same) you know privately you'd get more than the dealership. (It is the for sale section and you won't miss it I assure you ) Any ideas anyone, apart from you wouldn't give tuppence for it.


Get real about what your Mini is worth - it simply isn't worth the £20,000 you are asking...........a GP it is not. I won't comment either way on the "special" mods but I don't think they add any value to the car.

There is a 54 plate factory works convertible on Piston Heads with much lower mileage and higher spec than yours in the very popular Mini Cooper Tuning dark silver for £17,000.

That is a far more realistic price and that particular car is unmolested (according to the description, pictures someone.

To be honest the dealers offering you a good deal as...

a.) Its a soft top and will sit on the forecourt till early summer!
b.) It won't be to everyones taste with those graphics!
c.) There's a brand new Convertible model just around the corner!

Turbocharged mini cooper s or supercharged cooper s

Told by dealer that supercharger just bolts on to Mini Cooper Tuning engine. Dealer recomended turbocharged cooper s vs supercharged cooper s (if u are interested in cooper s )but think its a personal preference really. However as u probably know petrol consumption is alot lower on coooper s.

I test drove cooper vs cooper s and the turbo coopers s wins hands down.. worth the extra dosh.. just bought an 07 used one. You don't get the whine from the supercharger and the turbos more refined.

Also iv came across a few superchargers off a cooper s and do you want to know if they jst bolt onto a normal cooper engine or what would i need aswell as the charger?

Well, for this setup You'd also need:

Intercooler, manifold, injectors, ECU, exhaust, gearbox and probably a new clutch. I wouldn't bother! I have only had two MINIS, both Cooper S's with the Getrag gearbox but I believe a weak point on the Ones an Coopers is the Midland gearbox.

Remember In the long run it will be cheaper to buy a MCS rather than do the conversion on a MC

Treat a car like you treat a Woman

You see Owning a nice car is like making love to a beutifull woman, you've got to make sure
She sits right
Always Well Turned out ...

And Begs like a Hungry Horse

But the best thing of allllll about a nice car, is Her LEGS!!

Mini Copper Dare X4 18" Wheels

Well i have started this to see if we can keep track of the owners of the 46 sets + 1 wheel.

These wheels were not previously made and are stil not manufactured anymore by Dare Motorsport.

Leccy_Blue was the orginal thread starter and the Member that made all the connections with Dare Motorsport to get these wheels in production. Also at an awesome price for Mini Cooper Tuning.

This idea of a thread/ Roll Call was discussed on another thread so i thought id go ahead and start this to not get the other thread off topic.

So any member that has these wheels please join in and share you pleasure of owning them, and if any original members still have them from 3 year or so ago then thats great!