Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How to price a 'special' mini cooper

So we ALL think our mini's are special and indeed I'd agree 300%. However, when you do have a mini that most would say 'yep thats um different', how do you put a price on it. I mean I know you can't just tot up all the add-ons, but IS there a formulae?

for example you need to sell your mini and have put it up for a high price cos reallly deep down you are very very very distraught to be selling it, but your head says you should, any ideas what it should go for you got offered 16k at a dealership (but they want to strip it back to basics and you want an enthusiast to keep it roughly the same) you know privately you'd get more than the dealership. (It is the for sale section and you won't miss it I assure you ) Any ideas anyone, apart from you wouldn't give tuppence for it.


Get real about what your Mini is worth - it simply isn't worth the £20,000 you are asking...........a GP it is not. I won't comment either way on the "special" mods but I don't think they add any value to the car.

There is a 54 plate factory works convertible on Piston Heads with much lower mileage and higher spec than yours in the very popular Mini Cooper Tuning dark silver for £17,000.

That is a far more realistic price and that particular car is unmolested (according to the description, pictures someone.

To be honest the dealers offering you a good deal as...

a.) Its a soft top and will sit on the forecourt till early summer!
b.) It won't be to everyones taste with those graphics!
c.) There's a brand new Convertible model just around the corner!

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