Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mini Copper Dare X4 18" Wheels

Well i have started this to see if we can keep track of the owners of the 46 sets + 1 wheel.

These wheels were not previously made and are stil not manufactured anymore by Dare Motorsport.

Leccy_Blue was the orginal thread starter and the Member that made all the connections with Dare Motorsport to get these wheels in production. Also at an awesome price for Mini Cooper Tuning.

This idea of a thread/ Roll Call was discussed on another thread so i thought id go ahead and start this to not get the other thread off topic.

So any member that has these wheels please join in and share you pleasure of owning them, and if any original members still have them from 3 year or so ago then thats great!

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shangke said...

Hi, all

I want to buy this wheel (Mini Cooper Dare X4 18'' wheels), the owner of these wheels please contact me on k3ano@yahoo.com, good price can be offered!